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MAPA Voices: “Lament on Gaza”

By Tom Valovic Lament on Gaza “We become what we hate” — William Irwin Thompson The world in turmoil, no respite, no lessons learned. Our cultural amnesia has obliterated the hardest lessons of both deep and recent history. And who are these “leaders” who have […]

Nuclear Disarmament

Ira Helfand wins Gandhi-King-Ikeda Award

The Martin Luther King Jr. International  Chapel at Morehouse College has awarded the 2023 Gandhi-King-Ikeda Community Builder’s Award to Dr. Ira Helfand, a Northampton activist and MAPA member who initiated the Back from the Brink campaign for the elimination of nuclear weapons According to Morehouse, […]

Our People

Mel King, Peace Leader

by Joseph Gerson and Cole Harrison Massachusetts Peace Action honors Mel King, leader of the peace and justice movement who died at his home on March 28.   (Boston Globe obituary) We cannot win peace without the participation of large numbers of people from every walk […]

Cartoon used in "War and Peaceniks", a 2007 article in Rhode Island Monthly that interviewed Mark Stahl.
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Mark Stahl – ¡Presente!

Mark Stahl died of heart failure May 26 at Rhode Island Hospital. Mark was a life long antiwar/peace activist. In the Spring of 1965, he, along with Jerry Rubin, Stephen Smale, and others founded the Vietnam Day Committee in Berkeley, CA. The Vietnam Day Committee […]