Supporters of Venezuela’s leftist government rally in Caracas on Friday, Aug. 4, to celebrate the start of a constitutional convention. EFE/Miguel Gutierrez

Our Mission

The focus of the Latin America/Caribbean Working Group is to oppose US regime change
operations, brutal economic sanctions, and cruel immigration practices. Group members are
committed to working to transform U.S. policies to reflect economic and social justice, anti-racism,
and self-determination.


Formed in 2019, our concerns, focused initially on preventing regime change in Venezuela and on
achieving a humane immigration policy, consistent with international law, have now broadened. We
oppose efforts of the United States to dominate (politically, militarily, or economically) and exploit
any country in this hemisphere—such intervention has a long and bloody history.
We seek to act in solidarity with the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean in their struggles for
self-determination, human rights, and justice for all sectors of their societies. Thus, for example, we
oppose U.S. attempts at regime change in Nicaragua and Cuba; we support the immediate removal
of Cuba from the U.S. State Department list of countries alleged to be Sponsors of Terrorism; we
condemn U.S. efforts toward overturning popular gains that have been made in Bolivia, Colombia,
Brazil, and Honduras.

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with other groups to advance human rights in Latin
American and Caribbean countries, for example, by supporting the passage of The Berta Caceres
Human Rights in Honduras Act; exposing the role of the U.S. in sustaining the past Narco-Regimes
in Honduras; supporting the rights of Indigenous Peoples; working with legislators to pass House
Res. 943 calling for the Annulment of the Monroe Doctrine; seeking changes that address the root
causes of immigration; and working with “Stop Arms to Mexico” to end US arms sales to Mexico and
Central American countries.

2023 Work Plan

Get Involved

The Latin America/Caribbean Working Group (LA/CWG) meets the 1st Monday of the month at 5pm
– 6:30 EST by Zoom. We maintain both an action oriented and an informational listserv. If you’d
like to get involved please email Derek Sexton at

Honduras and the Jilamito Project

In coalition with the School of the Americas Watch (SOAW) and and the Witness for Peace Solidarity Collective, Massachusetts Peace Action is working to oppose the construction of the Jilamito Hydroelectric Project in Honduras. Learn more.





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