Peace ActionMassachusetts Peace Action is the Massachusetts affiliate of Peace Action, the largest national peace organization in the United States, formed by the merger of SANE which was founded in 1957, and the Nuclear Freeze Campaign.

UJPlogo.square.180Massachusetts Peace Action is an active member of United for Justice with Peace, the coalition of Greater Boston peace and justice groups. 



Mass Alliance Logo

We belong to Massachusetts Alliance, a coalition of Massachusetts progressive organizations that work together to elect progressive candidates to the State Legislature.

Budget for AllMAPA is a sponsor of the Budget for All, a public policy question which was on the November 2012 ballot in districts across Massachusetts and which is now pending before the State Legislature.


We participate in Fund our Communities, Not War, a statewide network of groups working to redirect military funding to community needs.





We also participate in the national coalition, the Campaign for a Nuclear Weapons Free World, which promotes practical steps to free the world from nuclear weapons tomorrow. 

Raise Up Massachusetts logoWe participate in RaiseUp Massachusetts!, a campaign to raise the minimum wage and require mandatory sick time for Massachusetts employees.


MAPA is involved in the United for Peace and Justice national coalition which serves as a network for hundreds of peace and justice organizations in the U.S. and world. Together, the coalition works to end war and oppression, to shift resources toward human needs, to protect the environment, and to promote sustainable alternatives.

Through our partnership with 2020 Action, we deliver to our supporters each month well-researched background information and an effective action on a critical issue and an effective action you can take in 20 minutes.

EndTheOccupationWe are a member of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, a coalition of 375 organizations which stands for freedom from occupation, equal rights for all, and human rights guaranteed by international law, and aims to change those U.S. policies that sustain Israel’s 45-year occupation of the Palestinian West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem.

Can your community, church, labor or peace organization become an Organizational Member of Peace Action? Organizational members receive newsletters and may participate in campaigns, meetings and conference calls as much or little as they want. Dues are $75/year for state or local organizations, $150/year for national organizations. See the Organizational Membership Flyer for more details.