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    State Sen. Jamie Eldridge of Massachusetts speaks at a rally at the State House just before he introduces single-payer legislation. (Photo: Rebecca Klein / MassCare)

    Hearing on the Massachusetts Medicare for All Act

    Tue Oct 26 11:00 am EDT
    The COVID crisis has amplified the critical need for a new Massachusetts healthcare single-payer financing system.  The time is now ...
    The John Lennon Wall is located in a building in the Malá Strana district, in the city of Prague, Czech Republic.

    Peace, Activism, and the Arts: Contested Terrain, Possible Pathways

    Tue Oct 26 7:00 pm EDT
    The arts – music, poetry, theatre, visual arts, dance, and more – have been proclaimed as a way of achieving ...
    The Nuclear Weapon Button: Presidential Power and Reducing the Threat of Nuclear War

    The Nuclear Weapon Button: Presidential Power and Reducing the Threat of Nuclear War

    Wed Oct 27 12:00 pm EDT
    "The problem is not that General Milley deviated from policy;  the problem is the policy." The recent publication of "Peril" by ...
    China, US and Taiwan

    China, the U.S., and Taiwan: The World’s Most Dangerous Flashpoint?

    Wed Oct 27 7:30 pm EDT
     Wednesday, October 27, 2021 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM Register Here: A panel discussion with: Professor Zhiqun Zhu: Zhiqun ...
    July 24 Park St rally/ photo by Lita Kelley. More:

    Rally to End the Blockade of Cuba

    Sat Oct 30 1:00 pm EDT
    October 30: Boston Rally to End the Blockade The Boston July 26th -Cuba Solidarity Coalition invites you to join us at another stand-in in support of ...
    Understanding Fusion Centers

    Understanding Fusion Centers

    Sat Oct 30 5:00 pm EDT
    Our local fusion center, BRIC, has been at the core of police efforts to surveil and suppress social movements for ...
    Music for Peace: Introducing Samuel Andonian and Alice Chenyang Xu

    Music for Peace: Introducing Samuel Andonian and Alice Chenyang Xu

    Sat Oct 30 7:30 pm EDT
    Introducing Samuel Andonian and Alice Chenyang Xu In the first concert of Music for Peace's 2021-2022 season, we present Samuel ...
    Korea Peace Advocacy Week

    Korea Peace Advocacy Week

    Mon Nov 1 12:00 am EDT
    Join us for Korea Peace Advocacy Week in November! From Nov. 1-4, we will urge members of Congress to support ...
    Kathy Kelly

    Kathy Kelly: We Are All Part of One Another

    Sun Nov 7 11:00 am EST
    Reflecting on accountability in a time of war with Kathy Kelly Amid the chaos, bereavement, displacement and fear caused by ...
    The Military-Industrial Complex at Ground Level

    The Military-Industrial Complex at Ground Level

    Mon Nov 8 7:00 pm EST
    Join New Hampshire antiwar activist and scholar Joan Roelofs to discuss the Military Industrial Complex at the ground level with ...
    New Women's Prison?

    Webinar: Why is Massachusetts Building New Prisons?

    Mon Nov 8 7:00 pm EST
    The Baker Administration intends to build a new women's prison to replace the Framingham House of Correction.   We call for ...
    Steven Donziger: Chevron's Climate Hostage

    Steven Donziger: Chevron’s Climate Hostage

    Tue Nov 9 7:00 pm EST
    In 1993, recent Harvard Law School graduate Steven Donziger accepted the case of his life: a 30,000-member class-action lawsuit against ...

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    The Swiss anti-nuclear group Campax unfurled a banner promoting disarmament from a sailboat on Lake Geneva in June, shortly before Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Biden arrived in Geneva for a summit. Photo: Associated Press
    Nuclear Disarmament

    How to Get Rid of Nuclear Weapons

    By Peter Metz and Ira Helfand Originally published in the Boston Globe, September 30, 2021 Sunday was the eighth annual International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, established by the UN General Assembly You probably weren’t aware of it. After all, the possibility […]

    Sr. Megan Rice accepted Mass. Peace Action's Peacemaker Award in 2019 with Michael Walli and Christopher Spicer on behalf of Transform Now Plowshares.
    Nuclear Disarmament

    Nuclear Resister Megan Rice

    Sr. Megan Rice, a visionary and steadfast anti-nuclear resister who painted peace slogans on the nuclear bomb factory in Oak Ridge, TN, in 2012, has died. Megan spoke for Mass. Peace Action on multiple occasions, including at an event in 2017 with Dan Zak, the […]

    Racial Justice and Decolonization

    We Need a Prison Moratorium

    by Cole Harrison Testimony submitted to the Joint Committee on the Judiciary, October 5, 2021 Thank you, co-chairs Eldridge and Cabral, for convening this hearing.  I am Cole Harrison, executive director of Massachusetts Peace Action.  Peace Action was formed in 1957 as the Committee for a […]