Our People

Remembering Ian Harrington

by Paul Shannon I need to share with you the very sad and shocking news that a great man and one of our central members, Ian Harrington, died suddenly the weekend before Christmas. This is such a loss to Ian’s friends and colleagues, like many […]

No New Cold War

Peace in Ukraine Campaign

Peace in Ukraine Campaign An 8 month MAPA wide campaign (May through December 2023) to call for ceasefire and negotiations to end the Ukraine war. Goal: mobilize available MAPA resources for an all out effort to give visibility and organization to what may be a […]

Middle East Wars

Middle East Wars 2023 Work Plan

Middle East Working Group Focuses on developments in the countries of the Middle East (including Afghanistan; excluding Israel/Palestine) and combatting U.S. intervention in those countries (whether by invasion, sanctions, covert action, weapons sales, military aid, “democracy promotion”, etc). Policy Goal: Educate the public about key developments […]