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Palestine-Israel is a priority campaign of Massachusetts Peace Action.

Our Mission

Israel has maintained a military occupation of the Palestinian territories since 1967.  Since October 7, 2024, the Israeli army has been engaged in an all out genocidal campaign against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, killing more than 33,000 Palestinian civilians as of April 2024. 

Israeli settlers have also been escalating their violent attacks against Palestinians in the West Bank while the Israeli government turns a blind eye. The Palestinian people of Gaza, who, since 2007, have endured life under a medieval siege, now face daily bombings and forced starvation. Israel’s campaign of terror has left no line uncrossed, shelling hospitals full of injured civilians and healthcare workers and massacring desperate families waiting in line for flour. Our goal is to alter the course of U.S. policy from one of unconditional financial and political support for the Israeli genocide, occupation and apartheid of the Palestinian people to one that demands that Palestinians and Israeli Jews have equal political and human rights.  

Issues Background

The United States’ government “special” relationship with Israel has manifested in many ways, including unconditional military, political and economic support. In total, the US government has funneled more than $110 billion in military aid into Israel since 1962, meaning Israel has received more US aid since the Second World War than any other nation. The United States also utilizes its veto power as a permanent member of the UN Security Council to block resolutions that could hold Israel to account for its crimes. 

Despite Israel’s war being labeled a plausible case of genocide by the International Court of Justice, the United States continues to provide financial and diplomatic support, ensuring that the carnage will never stop. U.S. taxpayers have for years subsidized the Israeli occupation with over $10 million per day, or nearly $4 billion per year, and a special appropriation of $17 billion for more weapons was added in April 2024.  The US government not only makes Israel’s war crimes possible, it has also defunded UNRWA, the only organization capable of providing the humanitarian aid Gazans need so desperately. In addition to perpetuating Palestinian suffering, U.S. “anti-terror” policy has guaranteed that any form of solidarity with the Palestinian resistance at home or abroad is condemned as terrorist activity. At MAPA, we recognize the imperial and colonial roots of the Zionist project and stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people’s right to liberation and return to the homes from which they were expelled.

Get Involved

Our Palestine-Israel campaign group meets every Wednesday at 5:30pm on zoom. We gather to discuss updates on the unfolding genocide in Gaza as well as organizing actions to advocate for a ceasefire and an end to US military aid to Israel. We also have a series of Webinars with esteemed guest speakers, many of whom are based in Palestine or are experts on the topic. If interested in joining our Palestine/Israel Peace Campaign, go to, email, or scan this QR code:





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Community Encampment for Palestine: Salem

Community Encampment for Palestine: Salem

Sat Jun 29 10:00 am EDT
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