Joseph Gerson spoke at Watertown's Hiroshima/Nagasaki commemoration, Aug 8, 2021. Virginia Pratt photo
Nuclear Disarmament

Nuclear Disarmament is More Urgent than Ever

by Joseph Gerson Remarks delivered at the Watertown Hiroshima/Nagasaki Commemoration, August 8, 2021 (August 9 in Nagasaki) Friends, The A-bombings , 76 years ago, were crimes humanity. They were indiscriminate, unnecessary, and ushered in an era in which human survival is constantly threated by accident, […]

beaded tasseled peace crane ornaments
Nuclear Disarmament

Paper Lanterns and Peace Cranes

by Gail Tipton In May 2018, I saw a documentary film called Paper Lanterns. It tells the story of Shigeaki Mori’s research to identify and honor 12 American soldiers who had died when the first atomic bomb devastated Hiroshima, Japan at 8:15 a.m., August 6, […]

Nuclear Disarmament

No First Use: Decrease the Danger of Nuclear War

Ever since the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, the danger of nuclear war has remained alarmingly high.  Part of the problem is that the US has a dangerous and short-sighted policy of making nuclear threats to achieve foreign policy objectives.  Daniel Ellsberg lists 25 explicit […]

Nuclear Disarmament

Every Nuke We Make

by Kathie Malley-Morrison Every nuke we make, every vow we break, every life at stake, they’ll be watching us.  Be  grateful for their attention because “they” are the United Nations Human Rights Council, and “we” are citizens of the country with the largest stock of […]