U.S. Must Adhere to World Court Findings

In Light of the World Court Findings, We Demand the U.S.: End Its Complicity in Israel’s Genocide Stop Sending Arms to Israel Ensure Delivery of Urgently Needed Humanitarian Aid In  a historic, near unanimous decision this morning, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled it is […]

Latin America

Killing Asylum

by Sunny Robinson As we cross into 2024, hundreds, if not thousands of migrants daily attempt to cross the Southern border of the United States. Similarly, hundreds if not thousands, attempt to cross the Mediterranean into Europe. The welcoming rhetoric of the Biden-Harris Administration is […]

Our People

Remembering Ian Harrington

by Paul Shannon I need to share with you the very sad and shocking news that a great man and one of our central members, Ian Harrington, died suddenly the weekend before Christmas. This is such a loss to Ian’s friends and colleagues, like many […]

Legislation and Policy

Please, give it up, Joe

by Kathie Malley-Morrison   The Peace Advocate is running a series of opinion pieces about the 2024 presidential election and candidates. We encourage our members and supporters to submit their analyses. We welcome different points of view. –The Editors Back in 2019, suggestions–such as those from […]