Peace Economy

The Biden Doctrine

by Hoffmann the Organizer In a recent lead editorial in the New York Times, Thomas Friedman boldly labels the governing philosophy of the era we’re living in: “The Biden Doctrine.”  In that piece he limits the scope of this doctrine to the Middle East, hailing […]

Twin Threats

CANDU/Twin Threats Campaign Report

by Rowan Sporte Ehn and Grace Sanford The fundamental goal of the “Twin Threats/CANDU” campaign is to unite the climate and nuclear disarmament movements within Massachusetts on behalf of a shared goal: saving life on the planet. Another goal of the CANDU campaign is to […]

Massachusetts Peace Action

Board Election Process 2024

Mass. Peace Action’s 2024 board election will be held during our 2024 Annual Meeting, which will be held at Roxbury Community College on April 6, 2024.  The Board of Directors is responsible for directing MAPA’s work between Annual Meetings. As Massachusetts Peace Action works to […]