2022 Congress and State Legislature Endorsements

Massachusetts Peace Action endorses these candidates in 2022.

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House of Representatives

Jim McGovern

Jim McGovern (District 2 — Worcester, Northampton, Greenfield, Leominster) One of Peace Action’s most valuable allies in Congress, McGovern is an effective and dedicated legislative leader for a range of peace issues. He is a leader in the House on nuclear disarmament, human rights, and for normalization of relations with Cuba, and chairs the House Rules committee.  Rep. McGovern received the Peacebuilder Award from Massachusetts Peace Action in 2016.

Ayanna Pressley

Ayanna Pressley (District 7 — Boston, Cambridge, Milton, Chelsea, Everett, Randolph, Somerville) An advocate, activist, policy maker, and a survivor, Pressley is the first woman of color to be elected to Congress from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. She believes that the people closest to the pain should be the closest to the power and diversity in the political process is essential in making policies that benefit more Americans. She prioritizes human rights and needs over the needs of the military industrial complex, and in 2022 she led Congressional letters to the Administration on Palestine and Cuba.  She spoke at MAPA’s Tax Day rallies and keynoted our “Rising Up for a Livable Future” conference in 2019.

What district am I in and where do I vote?

Candidates for State House of Representatives

Carol Doherty

Carol Doherty (3rd Bristol — Taunton, Easton) An advocate for her community for affordable housing and healthcare, a quality education, and good jobs.  She worked with MAPA to introduce the Taxpayers’ Right to Know bill in 2021 and successfully won the approval of the Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight for it.

Nathaniel Mulcahy

Nathaniel Mulcahy (5th Essex — Essex, Gloucester, Rockport, Manchester-by-the-Sea) An activist, environmentalist, humanitarian, inventor, and former K-6 teacher. He has fought for better school funding and advocated to get Pavilion Beach deeded to the city of Gloucester as a permanent public beach. He is fighting for transparency, environmental intervention, better education funding, housing for all, and more.

Lindsay Sabadosa

Lindsay Sabadosa (1st Hampshire — Chesterfield, Cummington, Goshen, Hatfield, Northampton
Plainfield, Westhampton, Williamsburg, Worthington)
The first woman to ever hold the 1st Hampshire District seat, Sabadosa is an activist and community organizer at heart.  She worked with the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund of Massachusetts, the statewide organizing committee for Medicare for All, and the  Western Massachusetts Safe Communities Act coalition.  In the 2019-20 session she was a leader in passing the bill to change the state flag and seal, and in 2021-22 she sponsored a bill to form a state Nuclear Weapons commission, successfully winning approval of the committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security.

Jack Patrick Lewis

Jack Patrick Lewis (7th Middlesex — Ashland, Framingham) Co-chair of the Progressive Caucus in the state house of Representatives.  A committed father, husband, former non-profit leader, and ordained minister. He has a dedication to public service, progressive ideals, and fighting for a more just world. As a community leader, he helped to create OUT MetroWest in 2011, which serves LGBT youth from across MetroWest Boston.

Connor Degan

Connor Degan (8th Middlesex — Holliston, Hopkinton, Millis, Sherbon) Hopkinton Town Clerk since 2016, Degan’s goal is to encourage civic engagement and educate the next generation on its importance. He aims to improve the quality of life for all residents by being a partner on initiatives to make Hopkinton age & dementia friendly, working with local leaders to build a network of support for vulnerable residents, and more.

Heather May

Heather May (9th Middlesex — Waltham) An educator, mom, and active organizer in her union, May is dedicated to climate action, women’s reproductive rights, education, public safety and health, and supporting unions/workers. She believes in leadership that is transparent and accountable.

Vivian Birchall

Vivian Birchall (14th Middlesex — Acton, Carlisle, Chelmsford, Concord) A first generation immigrant, champion of accessible government, and a mom, Birchall fights to close racial and gender disparities in healthcare and for economic and racial justice on Beacon Hill. She has extensive experience in public engagement and is a leader in revitalizing grassroots democracy. Birchall plans to focus on four key policy areas: education, climate change, healthcare, and equal rights for women.

Tara Hong

Tara Hong (18th Middlesex — Lowell) He is a community activist in Lowell and Cambodian immigrant. Hong is working on voter education and community empowerment while serving as the Civic Engagement Coordinator at the Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association. He runs on a strong progressive platform which is rooted in transparency, affordable housing, and climate action.

Timmy Sullivan

Timmy Sullivan (21st Middlesex — Bedford, Burlington, Lexington) Head of PHENOM, a nonprofit advocating for debt-free public education, and advocate for the past six years, Timmy is dedicated to inclusion and representation for underrepresented communities in Burlington. Key issues also include strengthening public education, climate action, tackling corruption, and more.

Teresa English

Teresa English (22nd Middlesex — Billerica) English is a public school teacher, Air Force Veteran, and mom with a lifelong commitment to public service. She is running to fight for climate action, increased aid for public education, stronger work protections, and more. She is deeply dedicated to passing progressive policy, supporting the working class, and fighting for transparency in the government.

Sean Garballey

Sean Garballey (23rd Middlesex — Arlington, Medford) Since joining legislature in 2008, Garballey has advocated for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Key issues include climate action, education, and more.

Mike Connolly

Mike Connolly (26th Middlesex — East Cambridge, Somerville) A committed, energetic, and progressive political leader.   Connolly fights for criminal justice reform, protects affordable housing, and advocates for public schools and debt-free higher education. A community organizer, progressive Democrat, and member of the Democratic Socialists of America, Connolly is commited to social and economic justice.  Worked with MAPA to sponsor a bill to divest the state pension fund from companies that produce nuclear weapons.

Erika Uyterhoeven

Erika Uyterhoeven (27th Middlesex — Somerville) Uyterhoeven is an organizer, anti-trust economist, and democratic socialist who is fighting for a government that “works for the many, not for the few”, as well as the co-founder of Act on Mass, lead organization advocating for transparency and progressive causes in the MA state house. She has put forward bold climate action legislation, advocated for labor rights, and fights to ensure large institutions are paying fair taxes.  She worked with MAPA to sponsor a bill to prevent legislators from accepting gifts of travel from organizations that also lobby legislators.

Steve Owens

Steve Owens (29th Middlesex — Cambridge, Watertown) A long time activist and leader, Owens has a focus on addressing the climate crisis, supporting public education and educators, protecting accessible housing and healthcare, combating systemic racism, and more.

Nichole Mossalam

Nichole Mossalam (35th Middlesex — Malden, Medford) Mossalam’s upbringing has motivated her through her activism and non-profit work, leading her to found the Islamic Cultural Center of Medford, chair one of the most productive Disability Commissions in the state, and chair ORMA to fight for civic rights in the community. As an active community member, she believes in an inclusive and collaborative leadership and values diversity while putting community families first.

Raul Fernandez

Raul Fernandez (15th Norfolk — Brookline) A Select Board Member in Brookline, Fernandez is actively working towards a more inclusive government where under-represented communities are reflected in policy. He is dedicated to fighting for racial and economic justice and is focusing on climate, housing, education, and transportation issues.

Jay Livingstone

Jay Livingstone (8th Suffolk — Back Bay) The lead House sponsor of the Budget for All Resolution in 2015-20 and the Moral Budget Resolution in 2021-22, advocating for a shifting of federal spending from the military to social domestic programs. He has attended Mass Peace Action’s Tax Day rally in Cambridge to support this same concept as well as a fairer tax system.

Roberto Jimenez-Rivera

Roberto Jimenez-Rivera (11th Suffolk — Chelsea, Everett) has been fighting to ensure full governmental funding for public education and against privatization of education. He was also an active member of the Drawing Democracy Coalition and understands the importance of organizing. Jimenez-Rivera plans to focus on equity and giving everyone an opportunity to grow within the community.

Natalie Higgins

Natalie Higgins (4th Worcester — Leominster) An advocate for public education, women’s healthcare, small businesses, LGBTQ+ rights, labor rights, affordable housing, and peace.   Higgins is a lifelong Leominster resident, attorney, and former non-profit director and rape crisis counselor, dedicated to service and advocacy.


Candidates for State Senate

Robyn Kennedy

Robyn Kennedy (1st Worcester District – Worcester, Northborough, Bolton etc) As Chief Operating Officer of the YWCA of Central Mass, Kennedy has served her community, playing a key role in securing resources for the unhoused during COVID-19. She holds progressive values while simultaneously housing a depth of governmental and policy experience.

Jamie Eldridge

Jamie Eldridge (Middlesex and Worcester – Acton, Littleton, Marlborough, Sudbury, etc) Serving as state senator since 2009, Eldridge is currently Senate chair of the Clean Energy, Criminal Justice Reform, Medicare For All caucuses and co-chair of the MBTA caucus. He focuses on investing in public education and transportation, climate action, making healthcare a right, stimulating the economy, advocating for affordable housing, reforming our criminal justice system, protecting the environment, supporting immigrants, and pushing for government transparency.  Worked with MAPA to sponsor a bill to divest the state pension fund from companies that produce nuclear weapons and has spoken at MAPA conferences on multiple occasions.

Pat Jehlen

Pat Jehlen (2nd Middlesex – Somerville, Medford, north Cambridge, part of Winchester) Her work for justice and supporting a progressive agenda aligns with our goal of peace and justice for all. She believes in our cause to end wars and excessive military spending, and instead to reinvest in our education, jobs, and infrastructure at home. Jehlen’s top legislative priorities are equitable and excellent education, universal and affordable health care, and jobs with decent wages and benefits.  She sponsored a bill to divest from companies that sell arms to Saudi Arabia during the Yemen war.

Nika Elugardo

Nika Elugardo (2nd Suffolk District – Roxbury, Dorchester, Jamaica Plain, Hyde Park) A movement-oriented, progressive attorney and advocate, Elugardo promotes the power and voice of people historically marginalized including incarcerated, public housing residents, and immigrant and BIPOC communities.  She sponsored a bill to divest from companies that sell arms to Saudi Arabia during the Yemen war and spoke at multiple MAPA conferences, most recently Building Processive Political Power in December 2021.

Jo Comerford

Jo Comerford (Hampshire, Franklin, and Worcester – Northampton, Amherst, Greenfield, etc) Comerford is currently working on increasing state funding for public education, expanding access to affordable, quality healthcare, seizing the New Green Deal promise which links climate action, racial justice, and good jobs, and much more.  She directed American Friends Service Committee in Western Massachusetts, the National Priorities Project, and the Western Massachusetts Food Bank.  In the 2019-20 session she was a leader in passing the bill to change the state flag and seal, and in 2021-22 she sponsored a bill to form a state Nuclear Weapons commission, successfully winning approval of the committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security.

Paul Feeney

Paul Feeney (Bristol and Norfolk – Attleboro, Foxboro, Sharon, Canton etc He chaired Bernie Sanders’ Massachusetts campaign in 2016 and became a State Senator after winning a special election in 2017. He is a strong progressive voice and was formerly legislative director of IBEW Local 2222, and sponsored the Moral Budget for Massachusetts legislation.

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