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  • Windows into Syria_page1_image3

    Community Leaders: Sign our Letter on Syria Policy!

    The war in Syria has displaced nearly 16 million and we need to work our hardest to end that suffering!  Massachusetts Peace Action is circulating a Community Leaders’ Letter to our Congressional delegation calling for aid to refugees, a moratorium on US arms sales to …

  • Black Lives Matter

    Peace Action Statement On Police Violence

    Originally posted at Update: This statement was written before Thursday night’s events in Dallas. Media outlets are reporting that 10 police officers and one protester were shot by snipers at a protest against police violence. Five officers have died from their injuries so far. In …

  • PeoplesCalltoPresidentObama

    People’s Call to President Obama

    Lead us to a World Free of Nuclear Weapons! As you stated in Prague in April of 2009, “The existence of thousands of nuclear weapons is the most dangerous legacy of the Cold War.”   Now, please take action to save the world from nuclear …

  • Textron Protest

    Protesters call for End to Textron’s Cluster Bomb Sales

    I’m standing in front of a big sign that says Textron Systems in bold, intimidating letters and a man in a pickup truck with three Trump bumper stickers just flipped me off. I don’t like to stereotype. But seriously, come on. Almost 40 of us …

  • Bernie.face

    Forever Forward: On the Bernie Sanders Campaign

    In February of 2016, Peace Action and Massachusetts Peace Action proudly endorsed Bernie Sanders for President of the United States of America. We chose to support his campaign because he promoted progressive ideas and brought new energy into the political process and the Presidential race. …

  • Protestors march in silence during a Black Lives Matter protest in Saint Louis, USA on March 14, 2015. (Samuel Corum - Anadolu Agency)

    What Love Looks Like

    A sermon presented at the First Church of Boston, July 10, 2016 Introductory reading from Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates “…it was like she was asking me to awaken her from the most gorgeous dream. I have seen that dream all my life. It is …

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Massachusetts Peace Action is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization working to develop the sustained political power to foster a more just and peaceful U.S. foreign policy.

Through grassroots organizing, policy advocacy and community education, we promote human rights and global cooperation, seek an end to war and the spread of nuclear weapons, and support budget priorities that re-direct excessive military spending to meeting human and environmental needs in our communities. 

People’s Call to President Obama

Lead us to a World Free of Nuclear Weapons!
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