Action Alert:
  • Resisting Surveillance

    Resisting Surveillance: Community Preparedness in Post-Obama USA

    This community speak-out and strategy forum will provide an opportunity to share and process concerns and develop strategies for resisting oppression and state violence under a Trump administration. Topics for discussion will include: – Immigration status and deportations, – Discriminatory “national security” policies (such as …

  • Natick rally

    What We Can Do Now: Stop Hate Speech and Violence, Stop Trump

    Originally posted in Peace Action’s Groundswell blog We all have to do what we can with what we have, where we are, to defend the values and the people we hold close to our hearts. The onset of violence targeting POC in particular immediately following …

  • John Maher Presente

    John Maher, ¡Presente!

    Our board member, leader, cheerleader, strategist, and inspirer, John Maher, passed away November 2 after a tough battle with cancer. We relied on his wisdom, counsel, and judgement. He will be sorely missed. John wrote his political biography “Learning from the Sixties: Memoir of an …

  • Bannon Pushes Hatred

    Protect Our White House (from racism, sexism and bigotry)

    POSTPONED from Dec. 2: Friday, Dec 9, ­4pm, State House: With one month until Trump is sworn into office, we are faced with frightening appointees that will protect the rights of the few rather than the many: Steven Bannon, a white supremacist xenophobe Jeff Sessions, a senator …

  • PeoplesCalltoPresidentObama

    People’s Call to President Obama

    Lead us to a World Free of Nuclear Weapons! As you stated in Prague in April of 2009, “The existence of thousands of nuclear weapons is the most dangerous legacy of the Cold War.”   Now, please take action to save the world from nuclear …

  • Winter Storm Once Again Brings Region To A Crawl

    Reviving Federal Investment in Public Transit – Build Subways not Submarines

    Michael Dukakis (Former Governor of Mass) Critical Public Transit Needs for Massachusetts and the Nation Fred Salvucci (Former Secretary of Transportation, Massachusetts) The Role of the Federal Budget in Improving Public Transit MC: Mike Connolly (State Representative-elect, East Cambridge and East Somerville) Public Transit for …


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Massachusetts Peace Action is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization working to develop the sustained political power to foster a more just and peaceful U.S. foreign policy.

Through grassroots organizing, policy advocacy and community education, we promote human rights and global cooperation, seek an end to war and the spread of nuclear weapons, and support budget priorities that re-direct excessive military spending to meeting human and environmental needs in our communities. 

People’s Call to President Obama

Lead us to a World Free of Nuclear Weapons!
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