Action Alert:
  • Veterans For Peace St Patricks Day Parade

    St. Patrick’s Peace Parade: for Equality, Jobs, Environment, Justice

    Unite, Participate, Celebrate People’s Parade for Peace, Equality, Jobs, Environmental Stewardship, Social & Economic Justice Please join us for our 5th Annual Saint Patrick’s Peace Parade, the Alternative People’s Parade for Peace, Equality, Jobs, Environmental Stewardship, Social and Economic Justice! Sign Up to Attend – …

  • European Space War

    21st Century Warfare: Pentagon Strategy and Activist Response

    Subrata Ghoshroy, research affiliate at MIT Judy Bello, NY State Coalition to Ground the Drones The Pentagon has a new strategy for 21st century warfare: overwhelm the enemy with high tech, “intelligent” forces.  Full Spectrum Dominance will utilize drones, space weapons and cyber attacks.  Covert …

  • Gureombi

    Film and Discussion on Jeju Island Struggle: The Wind is Blowing

    JeJu Island: South Korean activists to speak and show film “Gureombi – The Wind is Blowing” on struggle to oppose US militarism Two young Koreans active in the campaign to stop the construction of the  huge new naval base are touring to provide information and build support.  …

  • 10492004_1049090231773563_39094174794146460_n

    Abolishing Nuclear Weapons: A Talk with Elaine Scarry

    Join us at Amherst College for a talk with Dr. Elaine Scarry! Dr. Elaine Scarry is the author of “Thermonuclear Monarchy”. She argues that the power of one leader to obliterate millions of people with a nuclear weapon deeply violates our constitutional rights, undermines the …

  • Anti Nuclear Protesters with Fr Bryan Hehir

    Peace & Planet: Faith Perspectives on the Morality of Nuclear Weapons

    The distinguished Catholic scholar Fr. Bryan Hehir will present a talk on a Catholic approach to nuclear disarmament.  Organizing meeting for the Peace & Planet mobilization in New York City, April 26, 2015.   Hehir is Parker Gilbert Montgomery Professor of the Practice of Religion and …

  • NuclearTree-Video

    Students! Video & Poster Design Contest: Peace & Planet

    Student Contest Cash Prizes Make a Video!  Design a Poster! Make a digital video (2-5 minutes) to energize people to come to Peace & Planet in NYC, Sunday April 26, 2015.  The winning videos will be posted on Design a Poster to be printed and …

Our Mission

Massachusetts Peace Action is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization working to develop the sustained political power to foster a more just and peaceful U.S. foreign policy.

Through grassroots organizing, policy advocacy and community education, we promote human rights and global cooperation, seek an end to war and the spread of nuclear weapons, and support budget priorities that re-direct excessive military spending to meeting human and environmental needs in our communities.