Veterans Protest Chase Bank to Link Militarism and Climate Change

(Boston) Veterans For Peace and allies will be demonstrating at JP Morgan Chase at the Downtown Crossing location on November 16th 2022.

During COP27, while world leaders gather to make commitments to slowing climate devastation, VFP aims to draw attention to the financial support for fossil fuel corporations and war profiteering and demand an end to support for leading climate destroying companies.

“As veterans we have been used as the violent strong arms for resource extraction, transportation and oppressing community resistance against corporate exploitation,” said Garett Reppenhagen, Executive Director of Veterans for Peace.  “We will stand in opposition to Chase’s partnerships with climate destroyers and inform Chase customers of the negative impacts of JP Morgan Chase has on the climate and world peace.”

According to the PAX report Don’t Bank on the Bomb, between 2017 and 2019 over 300 financial institutions invested at least $748 billion in the Military Industrial Complex. Out of all these companies Chase Bank ranks in the top 10 with investments of almost $24 billion or 3% of the total. Their Aerospace, Defense, and Government Services group bills itself as “…experts in helping companies in the sector grow…”. To this end some of the services they provide to the industry are providing loans and underwriting the issuance of stocks and bonds.

The U.S. military is one of the biggest contributors of greenhouse gasses but their destruction of the planet doesn’t end there, they also poison the water with chemicals and pollute it with their garbage. By investing in the Military Industrial Complex Chase Bank is complicit in their destruction of the climate.

In addition, Chase directly contributes to climate destruction: It is one of the 3 largest financiers of fossil fuels on earth (Banking on Climate Chaos, 2021 report).