Unpacking International Inequality: A Series on Women’s Peace Issues

MAPA Newsletter August 2020 - Women's Peace Issues

Mural entitled "Women for Peace and Environment" by artist Bert Monterona STEPHENZACHARIAS, FLICKR

This series is meant to push people to think critically about the ways in which women are distinctly impacted by peace issues. Issues of peace impact everyone; at the same time, all peace issues are feminist issues. Thus, all peace issues require a gendered lens in order to be adequately addressed. 

Interested in this issue? Watch Peace and Gender: A Discussion about International Inequality, a presentation and discussion that was held Monday, August 10.

Climate Change: A Feminist Issue

Most people do not think of climate change as a gendered issue. As the need to save the planet becomes increasingly urgent, we must keep in mind the ways in which women are impacted distinctly by climate change. This is necessary if we are to truly address the implications of climate change and achieve greater global equality.

How the Coronavirus Pandemic is Undoing Years of Progress for Women

It goes without saying that the coronavirus pandemic has affected nearly everyone in the world. The pandemic has infected millions of people, locked-down businesses and borders, and disrupted the global economy. While there is much we don’t yet know about the deadly virus, we have seen that the pandemic deepens pre-existing inequalities. What we know about the virus – but do not discuss – is that it harms women by disrupting every sphere, from health to the economy to social protection, where women already exist on the margins.

The Humanitarian Impacts of Sanctions on Women

Sanctions are silent war; they devastate the citizens of target countries and destroy the country’s economy. Women and other marginalized groups, however, bear a disproportionate burden. Sanctions reverse progress made for women in terms of their wealth, health, and social and political rights.