Unending War, Undying Resistance: U.S. Militarization of Guatemala from the Internal Armed Conflict to the Present

This report was written by our friends at NISGUA, the Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala the entire report can be viewed here. 

The militarized repression that has taken place the last few years in places like El Estor, Guatemala, or Minneapolis, U.S, teaches us at least two lessons: 1) When people defend land, life, and dignity, armies and militarized police will come for them, and 2) What has been done there can be done elsewhere. While Guatemalan and U.S. governments tell us that militarization is in our best interest, such as to preserve domestic peace or ensure national security, history tells us the truth: militarization is a tool to control and repress people.

This means that defending life and seeking justice must always include a strong opposition to militarization, and that people in both countries have shared stakes in eradicating it. This demands nothing less than our undying resistance, as we create the world we long for, where all of us are free.

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