Bernie Won New Hampshire! On to Massachusetts and Beyond!

Mass. Peace Action Update, February 2020

Sen. Bernie Sanders claims victory at a primary night election rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2020.Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP
Sen. Bernie Sanders claims victory at a primary night election rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2020. Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP

by John Ratliff

This week we celebrated an historic victory in New Hampshire. For many, the fact that Sen. Sanders stood apart from the rest of the field as the most resolute and outspoken champion of Peace in the aftermath of Trump’s murder of Iranian General Suleimani encouraged a rise in support for him which has not stopped. 

Thousands of volunteers from Massachusetts made the journey to the Granite State to knock on doors in the rain, the snow, and the cold to make the victory possible. Thousands more made calls or chipped in a few dollars. Thanks to the strategy, “Not Me. Us,” Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, the most progressive and pro-peace presidential candidate, is now the frontrunner in the race to unseat the most dangerous president in the history of the United States. But it will only happen if we don’t let up now…

The next contest is the Nevada Caucus Feb. 22, followed by South Carolina’s primary Feb. 29. Our own Massachusetts primary is on March 3rd, part of all-important Super Tuesday, when 14 other contests will occur along with ours. Early voting in the Commonwealth begins Feb 25th-28th. Anyone who is registered as Unenrolled or a member of the Democratic Party can cast a vote for Senator Bernie Sanders in Massachusetts.

In the February edition of Mass. Peace Action Update are two compelling articles, one underscoring why Bernie must win and the other emphasizing that it is the “us” in Bernie’s slogan – we who, through our efforts, will actually win the victory. Bernie is the candidate for Peace because he is the candidate from and for working families. He is helping the whole nation understand the negative role of the Military Industrial Complex as an obstacle to the future we deserve.

The Massachusetts Campaign is officially kicking off. Let them hear from us! Click here to get in touch with Bernie’s new Massachusetts Field Organizer, Daniel Moraff. Join the movement to elect one of our own, a lifelong peace activist, as Commander in Chief and Organizer in Chief!

—John Ratliff is Mass. Peace Action’s economic justice director and a member of its Board of Directors.