Ireland and Palestine

By Jeff Klein The Irish know something about colonialism. Long before there was a British Empire on which “the sun never set,” Ireland was the testing ground for English conquest and confiscating land from the natives. Modern day European settler colonialism had its start in […]

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Free Palestine

by Amar Ahmad As the decades-long Israeli military occupation of Palestinian territories continues, Israel is once again bombing the Gaza Strip. Both the occupation of Palestine, and the bombing of Gaza, are being done with the support of the US. Indeed, as Israel drops bombs […]

Travel Conflict of Interest. Graphic: Kaitlyn Locke / WGBH News
Legislation and Policy

Travel Conflict of Interest

Travel Conflict of Interest (H.3240) A MEASURE TO REDUCE THE INFLUENCE OF MONEY IN STATE POLITICS This act would ban state legislators from accepting all expenses paid trips from lobbying interests, a current loophole in anti-corruption legislation. Assigned to Committee: State Administration & Regulatory Oversight […]