Sliding Scale Guidance Page

Green Bottle

The Sliding Scale payment model is our way of offering a more equitable payment that allows for the most people to have access.

We understand that costs can present a barrier to attendance and participation. We aim to eliminate this barrier so wether you pay $0, $50, $100 or more — all amounts give equal access. Please keep in mind that if you are able to pay on the higher end, it supports (List expenditures & why this conference is important, etc here) and allows us to meet our financial needs while also providing accessible services. Again, all amounts give equal access.

If you’re able to pay on the mid-higher end, we ask that you please pause to take into consideration your privilege and access to resources.

How to Navigate a Sliding Scale:

  • If your bottle is full, consider paying on the upper end of the sliding scale
  • If your bottle is half full, consider paying on the middle end of the sliding scale.
  • If your bottle is empty or almost empty, consider paying on the lower end of the sliding scale.