Racial Justice / Decolonization 2022 Work Plan

MAPA Discussion 2022

Boston George Floyd Protest, Washington St. Photo: GorillaWarfare
Boston George Floyd Protest, Washington St. Photo: GorillaWarfare

Campaign Name: Decarceration
Working Group Name: Racial Justice and Decolonization

Executive Summary:

White supremacy and colonialism continue to operate in the US government and in our society. The incarceration rate in the US exposes the systemic racism in our criminal-legal system. Racialized slavery was outlawed EXCEPT in prisons where “prison industries” continue to exploit labor. Outside of prisons wages are kept low by policies which exploit labor and are implemented against race and class groupings. We are working with Families for Justice as Healing (FJAH) and the National Council  of Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls (The Council) to pass legislation to prevent state investment in new prisons as a step toward decarceration. We are also supporting FJAH in the opening of a residence for returning citizens. 


Long Range Policy Goal: decarceration and closing of prisons and increasing investment in communities decimated by incarceration

Achievable Objectives for 2022

  1. Strengthen relationships with BIPOC allies by showing up for their decarceration campaign events.
  2. Educate MAPA and the larger community on white supremacy, mass incarceration, prison industries, the oppression of the parole system, voter suppression

Activities planned in 2022 to further policy goal:

  1. Articles in the newsletter and webinars for public education
    1. Gun Violence – Nancy, Jax, Cate
    2. 1033 Program – Rosemary
    3. Incarceration in US vs Scandinavia – Yoav
  2. Continue partnering with BIPOC group the Poor People’s Campaign to mobilize for June 18 in Washington with focus on voting rights, poverty, militarism, racism and environmental devastation; continue partnering with FJAH and the National Council.

Coalition work:

Continue work with The New Democracy Coalition, Families for Justice As Healing, the National Council and other BIPOC leadership, 1033 coalition

Campaign Name: Indigenous Solidarity
Working Group Name: Racial Justice and Decolonization

Executive Summary: The Indigenous Solidarity Subgroup works to support Indigenous leadership in the peace and environmental movements. We advocate for Indigenous issues as part of racial justice and decolonization, plan to educate on decolonization and encourage non-Indigenous people to support this work.


Long Range Policy Goal: To decolonize and support Indigenous leadership in the peace and environment movements.

Achievable Objectives for 2022: 

  • Hold two or more webinars on Indigenous issues with Indigenous-run dialogues 
  • Show one or more films and panels on Indigenous themes
  • Have one or more book readings and discussions.  “Not a Nation of Immigrants” by Dunbar-Ortiz is a possibility.
  • Work in coalition with Indigenous groups including the Mass. Indigenous Legislative Agenda (MILA)
  • Keep MAPA members informed on Indigenous issues and how to join in support.   Website postings?  Newsletter?
  • Support the Campaign to Save the Pine Barrens by supporting Indigenous leadership and training in nonviolent direct action
  • Propose an Indigenous activist and consultant on the MAPA board
  • Support Land Back project for the Massachusett tribe at Ponkapoag and others in the Commonwealth 
  • Post events on the MAPA RJDWG Website page and in the newsletter. 
  • Work for the freedom of Leonard Peltier

Activities Planned in 2022 to further policy goal:

1 film

2 webinars

Ongoing work with MILA

1 book reading

Coalition work: Mass. Indigenous Legislative Agenda, Coalition for Land and Water, Free Leonard Peltier, Mass. Center for Native American Awareness

Working Group Organization

Co-Conveners:  Claire Gosselin, Rosemary Kean convene RJDWG; Yoav Evelinsky convenes the Racial Justice subgroup; Craig Simpson and Rosalie Anders convene the Indigenous/Decolonization sub-group.

How to Contact the Working Group? claireg53@gmail.com; or  email info@masspeaceaction with subject line RJDWG
For Indigenous Solidarity subgroup, contact: Craig Simpson – 619-627-4362 or  cs4202144@yahoo.com

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