Reaching the Public on Ukraine: Peace Talks Now, Not Weapons Shipments!

Peace Advocate July 2022

Ukraine Peace Rally, Boston, May 7, 2022
Ukraine Peace Rally, Boston, May 7, 2022

While the Russian invasion is a criminal act, the U.S. and NATO did much to provoke it, and are now using Ukraine as a pawn to bleed Russia and weaken it.  There is plenty of blame to go around.

But you wouldn’t know this by watching the news or reading major U.S. newspapers.   The U.S. media is giving a very one-sided view of the conflict in Ukraine.   As a result, most Americans think that we can’t negotiate with Putin, and support U.S. participation in the war.

Yet, we know Americans are also tired of endless wars.  We think that if presented with another viewpoint, many will reconsider.  We think they are open to antiwar perspectives – if only we can reach them.

So, we are resolved to do that – the old fashioned way.

On May 31 in Northampton at a talk by Reps. Jim McGovern and Jamie Raskin, peace activists passed out 200 flyers with our message “Peace Talks Now – Not Weapons Shipments!”

On June 25 in Boston, and again on July 12 before the Roger Waters concert at the Boston Garden, over two dozen peace activists passed out some 1000 flyers and gathered over 100 petition signatures.

Many people were open to the message.

In June, 360 more people used an online tool to contact their members of Congress with the same message.

Our next outreach actions will take place Monday, July  25, 4:30 pm at Park Street in Boston, and Saturday, July 30, at the Lowell Folk Festival.

Escalating hostilities not only means more death in Ukraine. The continued blocking of grain shipments due to the war and sanctions mean far more people will starve to death in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America than will die from war in Ukraine.

The diversion of tens of billions more of our tax dollars for weapons shipments may be good for weapons contractors. But it means that growing hardship in the U.S. will continue to go unaddressed – as will impending climate catastrophe. And the continuing war means that the real danger of terminal nuclear war remains ever present as one side or the other gains the upper hand.

We say, “Peace Talks Now” – Not billions more for weapons and war funding.

We call on our country to give strong support to a settlement that includes a ceasefire, withdrawal of Russian troops, a commitment to Ukraine’s independence and neutrality, and security guarantees for both Ukraine and Russia.

Try passing out flyers and signing people up on petitions in your town, church, or school.  Feel free to download our materials.

Peace in Ukraine flyer
Peace in Ukraine flyer
Peace in Ukraine petition
Peace in Ukraine petition