Raytheon is the second largest military contractor in the world. The company is central to the Military Industrial Complex and is producing new nuclear weapons systems that are making nuclear war more likely. The Raytheon nuclear weapons campaign brings together the Raytheon anti-war campaign with the Mass. Peace Action Nuclear Disarmament working group in this collaborative effort.

The campaign’s strategy is to use Raytheon’s widespread presence in Massachusetts to:

  • give more visibility to the danger of nuclear war by emphasizing the contributions of a major Massachusetts company toward increasing that danger
  • create controversy around the ongoing production of nuclear weapons systems
  • mobilize opposition to Raytheon’s nuclear weapons production and support for the abolition of nuclear weapons and the U.N. Treaty to outlaw nuclear weapons

The Overall Theme of the Campaign is “Get Raytheon out of the Nuclear war business; take back our country from nuclear arms manufacturers; and abolish nuclear weapons.”