Build Homes Not Bombs!
               Say No to the $Trillion Dollar Nuclear Weapon Upgrades

Invest in Minds not Missiles!
               Say No to a New Nuclear Arms Race

Build Subways not Submarines!
               Say No to New Nuclear Missile Submarines

Fund Healthcare Not Warfare!
               Say No to the Trillion Taxpayer Dollars Nuclear Weapons Escalation


The nuclear modernization program is a comprehensive plan to revamp the various components of the U.S. nuclear weapons systems, which include its nuclear warheads, strategic delivery systems, production facilities, command and control systems, and logistical operations. Since the service lives of many existing weapons systems will soon expire, the Department of Defense has opted to replace them with new and advanced systems rather than continue with indefinite maintenance and Life Extension Programs (LEPs).

By reducing the yield of existing weapons, and improving the accuracy of delivery systems, these upgrades are designed to make our nuclear forces more “tactical.” The Obama administration asserts that this nuclear revitalization better meets the United States’ twenty-first century security needs, though many analysts have disputed this claim.

According to three independent estimates, the total cost of modernization, in addition to the concomitant maintenance of existing systems, will exceed $1 trillion over the next 30 years.

If we fail to pursue nuclear disarmament we risk enterig a full scale exchange with catastrophic destruction. Even a limited or inadvertant launch could lead to a nuclear winter and global famine and continued maintenance without detonation threatens to undermine U.S. domestic economy and society.

We need to rebuild a movement strong enough to Change National Policy!


Campaign Goals

Nuclear weapons expenditures must be authorized and appropriated by committees of the House of Representatives.
This nuclear disarmament campaign has influencing those budget votes as its long-term goal.

To influence the Congressional elections in a subset of Congressional districts by the 2018 or 2020 Congressional elections.

Help join struggles for economic and social justice, with those for peace and disarmament, to build movement strong enough to influence a few House elections.

Through strugggling side by side – for healthcare, education, housing, environmental protection, transporation, civil rights – we will educate our allies on the dangers of the current nuclear weapons programs and policies. Cutting weapons programs would allow greatly increased human needs programs and our tax dollars could be used to fund a safer future instead of our own destruction.


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