Middle East and Forever Wars 2022 Work Plan

MAPA Discussion 2022

Working Group Name: Middle East and Forever Wars

Executive Summary: The MAPA Middle East working group is focused on ending all forms of destructive U.S. military and political intervention in the Middle East, whether by military intervention, drone warfare, arms sales, sanctions or through proxies


Long Range Policy Goal: Transform the U.S. from a hegemon in the Middle East, seeking to dominate the area through military, economic and political means into a country that respects the sovereignty of the peoples of the broad region (including North Africa and Afghanistan).

Achievable Objectives for 2022: Fight to get the U.S. back into the JCPOA; end U.S. support for the Saudi war on Yemen; address crisis in Afghanistan; widespread education, congressional presssure and public mobilization regarding sanctions on Syria and Iran; U.S. troops out of Iraq; drone warfare; need to end U.S.-Saudi alliance


Activities planned in 2022 to further policy goal: strategic meetings with Mass. senators and reps; position papers on u.s. policy toward the area and toward specfic countries; regular webinars on middle east issues of the day; mobilize public actions when possible; public rallies connected to our campaigns.

Coalition work: MAPA is the core organization in the Raytheon Anti-war Campaign coalition; we will work in ad hoc coalitions during crises or when there is an opening to create change


Convener: Paul Shannon

How to Contact the Working Group? pshannon@afsc.org

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