Climate & Peace 2022 Work Plan

MAPA Discussion 2022

Working Group Name: Climate and Peace

Executive Summary

Militarism and war can be fatal to the profound international cooperation that is necessary to deal successfully with the climate emergency.   Further, war preparation and fighting do huge and lasting climate and other environmental damage.   The US military is the single largest polluter in the world.  Climate-related devastation is fostering the kind of instability that promotes violence.  

Our mission is to illuminate the interrelationship of US militarism and the global ecological and climate crisis.   We seek to integrate anti-militarism into the climate and ecological narrative by demonstrating how world peace and nonviolent conflict resolution are inseparable from environmental and climate justice, by using educational events, action opportunities, and solidarity work with climate and related social movements.

 Long Range Policy Goal

Bring together the movements for peace and climate so they see each other’s issues as a central part of their work.

Achievable objectives for 2022

–Consistent outreach to climate groups resulting in closer connections around the peace and climate issues

–Webinars that offer new ways of thinking about the economic system, foreign policy, 

–Workshop offering the Work That Reconnects to activists


–Four webinars, including webinars with Veterans for Peace, 350, and other groups on how US military policies and programs and competitive economic world view create stumbling blocks in the essential work of bringing nations of the together to deal with the climate emergency.

–Continuing to work with VFP to help them do peace and climate outreach to campus groups.

— Working with other MAPA groups to help ensure that we include climate disruption as a major factor in our analysis and actions.

–Continuing to explore how to create connections among people through open dialog, moving beyond information to collaborative exploration.  Having a focus on how we can work together, supportively and effectively.

–Working with climate groups on actions in the community.


Rosalie Anders, Kate Cloud, John MacDougall

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