[dropcap]A[/dropcap]midst the crisis over Ukraine, President Obama returned to Asia and the Pacific in April 2014 to press a military, economic and diplomatic “Pivot” to Asia and the Pacific. The goal: to “manage China’s rise” in ways that ensure continued U.S. dominance. 60% of the Air Force and 60% of the Navy are being deployed to the region. Military alliances are being deepened, new military bases built, and hundreds of billions of dollars diverted to deploy dangerous advanced weaponry. And the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement is being negotiated in secret.

Though most Americans don’t realize it, we’ve come to the brink of war – potentially nuclear war – twice in the last two years, first during tensions with North Korea and then over the Senkaku/ Diaoyu Islands. Our hundreds of military bases have devastating impacts on people in “host” communities. And TPP will cost us jobs, worsen working conditions and assault the environment, all to increase U.S. economic leverage over China and further maximize corporate profits and power.

We cosponsored a one day conference, “Pivoting for Peace in Asia/Pacific: Challenging U.S. Militarism and Corporate Dominance” on April 19, 2014. to bring us to date on what is happening in Asia/ Pacific, how it will affect us here at home, and what we can do. Our goal: to pivot for peace, instead of for war.   See slides presented by speakers at the conference, video, and a statement issued by conference participants.



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