The US spends an average of 766 billion dollars on the national defense budget while the Department of Education has a budget of 194 Billion. Why is our country pouring its resources into warfare while neglecting education?

In the state of Massachusetts, there are…

  • 316 school districts
  • 1751 schools,
  • 378  high schools
  • 896,103 students
  • 72,433
  • 70,396 full-time teachers
  • 2,470 counselors
  • 2,400 nurses

Our school systems are failing because they can’t compete with the stress of supporting large student bodies with no resources. Not all schools are required to have counselors and nurses are forced to work overtime. This strain on nurses forces the health care in the schools to be low not allowing each kid to have the attention they need. It isn’t mandated that every school has a school counselor, which forces children struggling with health issues that aren’t physical at a loss of who to go to. More and more school systems are forced to cover their school costs because federal spending is so low.

A chart of the rising costs of education in Mass., and an increasing share paid by municipalities.

On a federal level, our education budget is a fraction of our defense budget. The government is showing that warfare trumps minds.