About Us

We are a group of millenials – students, professionals, activists – working to support Peace Action’s mission. While we are affiliates of Peace Action, and our work aligns with them, we differ because we are specifically focused on raising up the next generation of peace activists. We believe that change is not possible unless our voices and our perspective become a dominant part of the narrative.

To that end, we have created our own mission and vision statement, group aims, social media channels and events. Keep reading to find out more: 

Mission and Vision

As peace activists, we believe that bombs and bullets are not the only threat to peace. Persecuting a people because of gender, sexual preference, religious beliefs, ethnicity or race – these are all acts of violence, purveyors of war. Each act of violence engenders different forms of resistance. But so long as they stand in isolation to one another, their reach is limited.


Peace is a bridge between these movements, a common foundation that connects movements that resist violence of all kinds.

Our mission is to forward peace as the vehicle for driving holistic social change in our world. To do this, we seek to raise up the next generation of peace activists as a dominant voice at the ballot box and throughout civic society

Group Aims

Oppose the military industrial complex:

  • Seek nuclear abolition
  • Abolish ICE
  • Demilitarize the Middle East
  • End violence in Palestine/Israel

Support economic justice by moving money from funding for war to funding for:

  • The environment
  • Universal healthcare
  • Education
  • Housing

Protect our environment by:

    • Raising awareness about the devastation of climate change
    • Ending nuclear
    • Protesting against environmentalism racism

Social Media


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Are you hungry to know about effective actions you can take now? Raytheon is headquartered nearby, there is an ICE detention facility in Boston and our state primaries are right around the corner. Now is the time to get involved!

Email brian@masspeaceaction.org to join our mailing list and stay informed about future events and how you can help shape the movement.