No First Use and Restricting First Use

2019 Federal Legislative Agenda

No First Use Policy

H.R.921 (Smith (D-WA)). Cosponsors: McGovern. Total: 22

S.272 (Warren (D-MA)). Cosponsors: Markey. Total: 6

This act would declare that it is the policy of the U.S. not to use nuclear weapons first.

MAPA Position: YES

Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act

H.R.669 (Lieu (D-CA)). Cosponsors: McGovern, Clark. Total: 53

S.200 (Markey (D-MA)). Cosponsors: Warren. Total: 13

This legislation would prohibit the president from launching a nuclear first strike without a congressional declaration of war.

MAPA Position: YES

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