We Can't Breathe

What Peace Means to Millennials

As a person born in the ‘90s who works with today’s college and high school students, specifically students focused on the peace movement, I would like to say that I fully understand the “Millennial Perspective” and how it connects to peace. After all, I spend […]


Student Organizing Update

This article appeared in the 2016 Fall Newsletter The upcoming presidential election, regardless of the results, will usher in a new era for the grassroots peace movement, an era that will need the strength of student voices and student will. Bernie Sanders’ plea for a […]


Students Launch Peace Organizing Drive

Massachusetts Peace Action has focused on developing young leaders since 2014. We do this through our Student Organizing Program, which identifies future student peace leaders and supports them in establishing college, university and high school student chapters. Like MAPA’s working groups, each chapter picks an […]