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Massachusetts Peace Action runs on your contributions! Despite pandemic setbacks, Massachusetts Peace Action has continued to thrive and grow throughout the last year. We’ve expanded our reach through digital organizing, increased the scope of our work with new advocacy groups, produced more educational programs than […]

On to my next victim
Middle East Wars

Learning the Lessons of Afghanistan

Massachusetts Peace Action is not a newcomer to the issues raised by the Afghanistan war. We helped organize our first of many protests against the Afghanstan war on September 12, 2001, before it started. U.S. military intervention in Afghanistan, though “covert”, began in 1978.  The progressive, secular […]

Nuclear Disarmament

No First Use: Decrease the Danger of Nuclear War

Ever since the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, the danger of nuclear war has remained alarmingly high.  Part of the problem is that the US has a dangerous and short-sighted policy of making nuclear threats to achieve foreign policy objectives.  Daniel Ellsberg lists 25 explicit […]