Korea Peace Advocacy Week

Korea Peace Advocacy Week

Join us for Korea Peace Advocacy Week in November! From Nov. 1-4, we will urge members of Congress to support legislation for peace in Korea: H.R.3446 – Peace on the Korean Peninsula Act H.R.1504 – Enhancing North Korea Humanitarian Assistance Act – House S.690 – […]

End the Travel Ban to North Korea

End the Travel Ban to North Korea

Since 2017, US citizens have been restricted from traveling to North Korea. The ban prevents Korean Americans from visiting their family members in North Korea, hinders humanitarian organizations from delivering critical assistance, and obstructs US citizens from engaging in people-to-people exchanges and peace-building efforts. This is yet another tragic cost of the unresolved 70-year-old Korean War. Please join us on June 23 for an online […]

What Next for Peace in Korea

What Next for Peace in Korea?

The Biden administration has not fully engaged with Korea peace issues, but the initial signs are worrisome, wrote Timothy Shorrock in The Nation on February 15.  What is the status of inter-Korean peace talks, of US-South Korean war games, and of the regional situation with the US, […]

No Korea War Drills

For Peace in Korea, No More War Drills!

Webinar on the 60-plus year history of the costly and provocative annual US-ROK combined military exercises, and why it’s critical to end them to achieve peace on the Korean Peninsula Registration link: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_j9nn-Z2RTUOHPIXPzmH7Rw Speakers Wooksik Cheong, Director of Peace Network (South Korea) Catherine Killough, Advocacy […]

Peace on the Korean Peninsula in the 21st Century
No New Cold War

The US Needs to Stop Preventing Korean Reconciliation

A talk presented at “Peace in the Korean Peninsula in the 21st Century”, a program sponsored by the National Unification Advisory Council’s Boston chapter, on November 21, 2020.   View video of this talk at https://youtu.be/Ff3hciLUtTo I’m Cole Harrison, executive director of Massachusetts Peace Action.  We’re […]