Victory: Pat Jehlen, Mike Connolly, Jack Patrick Lewis, Moses Dixon, and Marjorie Decker win State Legislature Contests

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Update: All five of our endorsed candidates won their primaries on September 8.  Congratulations to these champions for peace and justice!

Massachusetts Peace Action is proud to announce our endorsements of Mike Connolly, Pat Jehlen, Jack Patrick Lewis, Moses Dixon and Marjorie Decker. Donate to one or more of these candidates here! 

Pat Jehlen is running for re-election as state senator of the Second Middlesex district. Over the years, Pat Jehlen has served the people of Medford, Somerville, Winchester, and Cambridge and has proven that she is a true progressive.

We believe her work for justice and purporting a progressive agenda are in align with our goal of peace and justice for all. She believes in our cause to end wars and useless military spending, and instead to reinvest in our education, jobs, and crumbling infrastructure at home. Her history as a state representative and senator shows that she cares for the people and not just a handful of elites. Pat Jehlen

She has supported the Fair Share Amendment, which will support education and transportation by rising taxes on incomes over $1 million a year, and has supported the Budget for All—two pieces of legislation Mass Peace Action has advocated for. She was also one of only two Massachusetts state senators who opposed the military bond bill.

Here is a brief summary of some of the other issues she is fighting for:

  • Adequate funding for our public schools
  • Less testing, more learning
  • Public transit and the Green Line Extension
  • Mystic River cleanup and access
  • Banning pipeline tax
  • Home care and Adult Day Health
  • LGBT rights

Donate ButtonMike Connolly is a singularly committed, energetic, and progressive, young political candidate running for State Representative in the 26th Middlesex District of Cambridge and Somerville. He is a master of many complex subjects relevant to municipal, state and national government. He is also a tireless and enthusiastic campaigner.Mike Connolly

Mike helped elected progressive City Councillors Nadeem Mazen and Dennis Carlone to the City Council, and subsequently worked as an aide to Dennis. In that capacity he was a leader in efforts to increase affordable housing stock in Cambridge. A long time climate activist, Mike initiated and led the Net Zero “Connolly Petition” to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions from buildings citywide in Cambridge. The ordinance passed and was a landmark step against climate catastrophe.

With respect to Peace Action, Mike helped with the Cambridge City Council Mayors for Peace resolution. He was a panelist in the People’s Budget Workshop at the April 2nd Conference “Reducing the Dangers of Nuclear War”. He also chaired the program committee of the recent Transit and Traffic Forum jointly sponsored by Budget for All and Cambridge Residents Alliance, which included presentations of the Fair Share Tax campaign and the Subways not Submarines proposal. Mike understands and supports opportunities to increase visibility of a People’s Budget campaign, in the State legislature.

Donate ButtonJack Patrick Lewis is running to fill an open seat being vacated by Rep.Tom Sannicandro in the 7th Middlesex District which is all of Ashland and one third of Framingham.

We believe Jack Patrick Lewis is the best candidate to continue fighting for justice for all and that he will support the values of Mass. Peace Action as did Rep. Tom Sannicandro.

He writes:

“On the subject of military spending and its impacts on the federal budget, Jack recognizes that the United States’ high military expenditures take away funding from our schools and communities. The use of the funds that could be saved from unnecessary military expenses could be allocated towards funding social security, preserving our environment by investing in green energies and making college education affordable for every American student, to name a few. Jack Patrick lewis

“For FY 2016 the United States has decided to cap the country’s Syrian refugee intake at 10,000 people. With much of the Middle East in political disarray and European institutions quickly becoming strained with the influx of Syrian refugees, tens of thousands of Syrians find themselves stateless. Jack believes that the United States can, and should, do better. Our country was founded as a refuge for the less fortunate and the disenfranchised and it is our responsibility as citizens to continue this legacy. 

“With regard to nuclear weapons, it is no secret that these weapons have serious, incomprehensible effects on all forms of life. Their retention and potential for use are a threat to us all. Nuclear disarmament is necessary to ensure that these technologies are not exploited and used in moments of aggression. Though this is a complex process, we have already begun to make progress in this arena. Through effective diplomacy and international cooperation I think we can achieve a more peaceful world.”

On state issues, he is supports a living wage, fair tax policies, access to high-quality affordable healthcare, better public education, creating a 21st century public transportation system,  funding programs for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and much more!

10669287_321799727980962_3199873045799526716_oDonate ButtonMoses Dixon is running for State Representative in the 17th Worcester District. The first member of his family to graduate from college, he went to Clark University and earned a Master’s in Community Development and planning which he then put to work for the people of Worcester and Leicester. Working on Capitol Hill and on Beacon Hill for Representative Mary Keefe, he learned the legislative process “hands-on.” And working for organizations representing workers, seniors, and veterans, he learned about organizing people to get things done.

On issues, he supports universal broadband, pay equity for women, freezing/reducing state tuition rates, and offering greater support to our veterans. Attorney General Maura Healey has said, “Moses shares my values, and has a strong commitment to social and economic justice.”

Marjorie Decker

Marjorie Decker has served as State Representative for the 25th Middlesex district since 2012 and is currently running for re-election. Prior to State Representative, Marjorie served as a Cambridge City Council member for many years during which she helped to save mental health coverage for Cambridge SeniorACs, saved affordable housing in Harvard Square, secured funds for home based child care providers, and restored resources to day care centers.

Marjorie also has experience in work that goes beyond the local level and cares about global issues, which have an effect on pertinent issues at home. She served on the United Nations International Association of Peace Messenger Cities through which she has done work related to mining exploitation, refugees, and nuclear disarmament. She recognizes the particular vulnerability of cities, as they are the targets in any nuclear confrontation.

As State Representative she is a member of the Progressive Caucus and has introduced and supported bills that address issues associated with workers, homelessness, healthcare, housing, civil rights, veterans, education, early education, and collective bargaining rights for teachers. She was also appointed to the committees on Financial Services, Health Care Financing and Housing

Marjorie has been a friend of Massachusetts Peace Action since the beginning of her political career, helping us to craft and successfully pass many anti-nuclear and pro peace resolutions.

Please support Pat, Mike,  Jack, Moses, and Marjorie in any way you can. You can volunteer in their campaigns through canvassing, phone banking, and donations. Let us be a movement to elect those in office who bravely speak for the people and not just the few.