Yemen: Recognizing responsibility

Yemen Emergency Rally, Cambridge, MA, April 17, 2021
Yemen Emergency Rally, Cambridge, MA, April 17, 2021. Photos by Mary Leno

by Deborah Belle

Saturday’s rally in Brattle Square Plaza, Cambridge, MA, to end the U.S.-Saudi blockade of Yemen, began just as the morning’s rain ended and pedestrians returned to Harvard Square.

Activists held signs and gave out leaflets urging an end to U.S. support for the Saudi blockade.

As the leaflet noted, “Yemen is a Massachusetts war. Raytheon is headquartered here in Massachusetts. It makes the bombs for Saudi Arabia and it makes the jet engines for the planes that drop the bombs. Let’s do all we can to end this connection between Massachusetts and this terrible humanitarian disaster.”

Further information is available at the Raytheon Antiwar Campaign (617-354-2169), and at

Pegean says: “If you’re concerned about the situation in Yemen, let your national and state legislators know.”