Where do we go from here? Not One Step Back

Where do we Go from Here?

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by Paul Shannon and Caroline Bays

Statement Presented at “Where do we Go from Here? Preparing Our Movements for the Next Four Years” conference, December 6, 2020

We applaud and are heartened by the courage of America’s front line health professionals who go into the lion’s den every day, putting their own lives on the line to care for their patients. The pandemic has made us aware of the critical work of our neighbors whose efforts make our national strong and gives us hope.

Sen Ed Markey delivering keynote Dec 5
Sen Ed Markey delivering keynote Dec 5

Yet, the United State is in crises and needs solutions. It is too late for Incrementalism.  40% of the population lives in poverty, an unacceptable number of people are food insecure, millions are without medical insurance, the ability of the planet to sustain life is in danger, the world wide military empire drains our budgets, income inequality is getting worse and worse, and more.   

The catastrophe of the Covid-19 pandemic has made it more clear than ever the terrible impact that inequality imposes on the most vulnerable, especially communities of color.

We urge governments at all levels, local, state and federal to institute progressive policies that will deal with these issues and improve the lives of the everyone. We demand progressive legislation to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic;  the economic crises, racial injustice, climate change, endless wars, and the political duality of we versus them.

We commit ourselves to working together in  the streets and in the halls of governments to create a healthy planet and a just society. 

If your organization wishes to join in working together on this effort, please email us at pshannon@afsc.org or cjbays@gmail.com.