Vote Yes on 4: for Earned Sick Time



One Million Massachusetts Workers need the Ability to Earn Paid Sick Time!

On November 4, Massachusetts Voters can vote Yes on 4 to allow workers to take sick time without losing their jobs.

With our help, RaiseUp Massachusetts won an $11/hr minimum wage in the legislature. Now is the time to win the right to earned sick days on the November ballot. This is a basic part of a social justice agenda. Massachusetts Peace Action is working to win a Yes vote on Question 4. Join the Massachusetts Peace Action team supporting  Raise Up Massachusetts in the last month before the November 4 Elections!

Raise up logoMassachusetts Peace Action joined close to 100 other community organizations engaged in the struggle for economic and social justice.Thanks to those of you who were able to collect signatures and contact your legislatures, Massachusetts passed the highest state-wide minimum wage in the last legislative session.  Unfortunately we were not able to win earned paid sick days in the Legislture — but with your help we were able to put it on the November 4 ballot!

In one month Massachusetts voters will have their say. The business interests who prevented the earned paid sick days bills from passing the legislature are poised to spend millions in ad campaigns designed to confuse the issue. Raise Up Massachusetts plans to contact tens of thousands of irregular voters likely to directly benefit  expand the electorate and clarify any confusion. Please click here to join in the Raise Up Campaign by volunteering for a shift making calls or reaching out to your friends, neighbors, and family in support of Yes on 4— the ballot question establishing earned paid sick days.

You can join Massachusetts Peace Action’s work on this effort in several ways:

1) Volunteer for shifts at regional call centers in many towns around the state using the state of the art HubDialer system, which guarantees many contacts with voters.  

2) Use your own phone and a computer at home to do a shift using HubDialer (after simple web based training in using the system).  

3) Call from an old fashioned paper list.

4) Join door to door canvasses to reach likely supporters.  

5) Reach out to family, friends, co-workers and in your community to those and ask them to sign a pledge a vote for Yes on 4.

Sign up to volunteer and we will match you up with the method that is right for you!

Earned Sick Time

Raise Up Massachusetts is fighting to ensure earned sick time for workers across the state. Under our proposal, workers would be able to earn one hour of sick time for every 30 hours worked, up to 40 hours a year, so that they don’t have to risk losing their jobs to care for themselves or their families. The earned time would be paid for companies that employ 11 or more employees, and unpaid for smaller companies.

For nearly 1 million workers in Massachusetts, staying home to care for themselves or a sick child could mean losing their job. The ability for workers to care and provide for themselves and family members is a right, not a privilege, and now is the time to make it a reality for working families.

Earned sick time is also good for business. Job retention policies like earned sick time reduce unemployment and strengthen the economy. When workers are able to earn sick time, it decreases employee turnover, limits the spread of illness at the workplace, and maximizes productivity.  Click here to volunteer for one or more shifts contacting voters or to get yes on 4 committments in your community. as part of our Peace Action team.