US Push for Ukraine to Join NATO Reflects Arrogance

by Peter Kakos

What continues to amaze me is the arrogance of our US push for Ukraine to join the NATO alliance.  Didn’t anyone in high places acknowledge that doing so would be the equivalent to having Canada join the Russian Federation? 

Would our response be any less than a violent invasion and occupation of our Northern neighbors, in order to prevent enemy long range missiles on our doorstep, not that different than the 1963, Cuba Crisis which brought us to the brink of a nuclear catastrophe?  It doesn’t take much thought to see that even though Putin is a ruthless dictator, he has a duty to keep his borders safe from ICBMs, not to mention nuclear warheads. No one in their right mind would blame Biden for acting similarly.

However, tragically we now must witness and endure the heavy news of the plight of untold hundreds of thousands of innocents. 

Sadly we hear the echo of Pete Seeger’s lament of myopic world powers: “When will they ever learn?

-Rev. Peter Kakos, Northampton, Mass.   February 26, 2022.