Update on the activities of the Ukraine working group


by Jeanne Trubek and Paul Shannon

The war between Israel and Palestine has temporarily taken the attention – that of government officials, the media and also of the peace activists – away from the ongoing war in Ukraine.

However we continue to have standouts calling for a Ceasefire and Negotiations, continue to collect signatures on postcards which we have sent to our Congressional Delegation requesting that they sponsor a bill calling for a Ceasefire and Negotiations in Ukraine. As of now we have sent over 1770 postcards, split almost equally among Markey, Warren and the House Representatives collectively.

The Ukraine war continues to be the most dangerous threat to the world, both due to the threat of nuclear war and to the environmental impact of the war.  The United States continues to send weapons and money to prolong the war to Ukraine.  More members of Congress and writers for the media are turning away from funding yet another forever war. We are sponsoring a live seminar with Stephen Kinzer on Tuesday December 5th in Cambridge and a holiday concert of political music in December, date to be announced.