Ukraine rally calls for Negotiations!


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“Each day now, the war in Ukraine is moving step by step toward a nuclear confrontation between the U.S. and Russia” claim the organizers of 3 peace rallies in Massachusetts

Today concerned Massachusetts and Rhode Island residents in Boston, Fall River, Greenfield and Providence joined together with others around the country calling for peace in Ukraine by supporting:

  • Halting the increasing military engagement between Russia and the United States
  • Immediate negotiations between Ukraine, the U.S. and Russia to establish an immediate ceasefire, an end to the war, and withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine
  • Guarantees of Ukraine independence
  • Security guarantees for Ukraine from Russia and for Russia from NATO

Around 30 Massachusetts resident came together at Park Street Station in Boston today to launch an effort to mobilize as much support as possible for negotiations to both end the terrible war in Ukraine and to prevent nuclear war between Russia and the United States. Today more than ever we are closer to direct confrontation between Russian and United States which are the two nations that hold the most nuclear warheads in the world. “United States no longer has an interest of just defending Ukraine, but to profoundly weaken Russia” as said by one of the speakers attending the rally.

The massive new $33 billion aid package brings us closer to direct conflict with Russia, signaling that we intend to defeat Russia and significantly degrade its military in a protracted war. Even as we ship Ukraine heavy weaponry unthinkable at the beginning of the war, we already have military officials and a vast U.S. intelligence operation on the ground in Ukraine. We have a special program to help the Ukrainians kill Russian Generals. As the war goes the Ukraine war will become more and more a dangerous U.S. war against Russia with the ever increasing danger or Russia responding with nuclear weapons if it feels its back is up against the wall.

“The only way to prevent this escalation is through negotiations, not escalating arms shipments and growing U.S. direction of the war” says Paul Shannon who attended today’s protest. “Every day spent avoiding a negotiated settlement is a day when we inch closer to the unthinkable.”