U.S. Must Adhere to World Court Findings

In Light of the World Court Findings, We Demand the U.S.:

End Its Complicity in Israel’s Genocide

Stop Sending Arms to Israel

Ensure Delivery of Urgently Needed Humanitarian Aid

In  a historic, near unanimous decision this morning, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled it is plausible that at least some of the acts committed by Israel against members of the Palestinian group in the Gaza Strip are genocidal.

Moreover, because of the risk of irreparable harm to the Palestinians if these genocidal acts are allowed to continue while the Court continues its deliberations on the merits of the case, the Court issued a number of provisional orders against Israel.

These provisional orders include:

  • Israel shall take all measures within its power to prevent genocidal acts of
    • killing
    • causing serious bodily or emotional harm
    • deliberately inflicting conditions of life intended to bring about the destruction of Palestinians in Gaza as a group
    • preventing births.
  • Israel shall ensure its military does not commit any of the acts specified above.
  • Israel shall prevent and punish public incitement to commit genocide.
  • Israel shall ensure provision of urgently needed humanitarian assistance to Palestinians of Gaza.
  • Israel shall ensure preservation of evidence relating to commission of the crime of genocide.
  • Israel shall report to the Court within one month on the measures taken to give effect to the above.

These orders take effect immediately and are binding upon Israel, although it is expected Israel will defy some or all of them.

As a signatory to the Genocide Convention, the United States has a duty, under Article I of the Convention, to take all measures reasonably within its power to prevent genocide, once it becomes aware of a serious risk that genocide is occurring.

Given today’s authoritative ruling by the ICJ that it is plausible that what Israel is doing in Gaza is genocide, the duty of the United States to act to prevent Israel’s genocide has clearly been triggered.

Moreover, since the US is Israel’s principal arms supplier and has prevented the UN Security Council from demanding a permanent ceasefire, the US is not only failing to prevent genocide but actively complicit in it, which is also a crime under the Genocide Convention.

“In over 100 days, the Israeli military has decimated the Palestinian health system in Gaza, targeting healthcare workers, flattening hospitals, and denying the very basics of life: food, water, medicine and fuel to the Palestinian people.” said Dr. Lara Jirmanus, physician and Clinical Instructor at Harvard Medical School, and member of Healthcare Workers for Palestine, a growing national organization.

Consequently, Massachusetts Peace Action, together with Jewish Voice for Peace Boston, the Alliance for Water Justice in Palestine, Community Church of Boston, Unitarian-Universalists for Justice in the Middle East (MA), Community Alliance for Peace and Justice, and other allies, will rally at Congressional offices across Massachusetts on Monday, January 29, at 1 pm to demand our Members of Congress stop the genocide by

  • Calling for an immediate bilateral ceasefire
  • Cutting off all further shipments of weapons to Israel.

When: Tuesday, Jan. 30, 1pm

Rallies at these locations:

Boston, Sen. Warren & Markey’s offices, JFK Federal Building
Rep. Moulton’s office, 21 Front St
Rep. Trahan’s office, 126 John St.
Rep. Clark’s office, 157 Pleasant St.
Rep. Auchincloss’ office, 29 Crafts St.
New Bedford, 
Rep. Keating’s office, 128 Union St.
Rep. Lynch’s office, 1245 Hancock St. 
near Rep. Auchincloss’ office, 8 N. Main St.  (Monday, Jan 29)
Rep. McGovern’s office, 12 E. Worcester St.
Rep. Neal’s office, 300 State St.