Tax Day March



Louise Coleman (617)-817-6706

Brian Garvey (978)-604-1307

Paul Shannon (617)-623-5288

When: Tuesday, April 19th @ 12PM EST

Where: We gather at Sam Adams Statue in Faneuil Hall and then walk to BlackRock, Chase and State Street Financial Center

April 19 is Tax Day in Massachusetts. Once again this year an ever growing part of our tax dollars is going into the profit columns of companies whose weapons have been destroying Yemen and who can only thrive if there is war and rumors of war. Meanwhile fossil fuel companies continue to expand their operations as climate catastrophe sits on our doorstep.

A number of banks and investment companies right here in Boston play a key role in providing financing and/or investment supportive of Raytheon and its nuclear weapons production and major role in the Yemen invasion. At the same time they provide the financial backbone for our fossil fuel energy infrastructure while the seas rise and while wildfires, floods and droughts ravage and kill.

We simply cannot survive if the Pentagon both continues to be the biggest single source of fossil fuel pollution on earth and to drain away the resources, attention and talent needed to implement an emergency green new deal. And, as we see in Ukraine, the danger of terminal nuclear war always hangs over our heads. Yet military contractors like Raytheon thrive off producing more sophisticated nuclear weapons instead of promoting steps by Russia and the U.S. toward nuclear abolition.

This Boston action is part of the Tax Day Week of Action against war companies organized by the War Industry Resisters Network and includes events in a number of other areas throughout the country.