The People, NO: Thomas Frank

Populism and Anti-Populism: Thomas Frank

Denunciations of populism had been commonplace for years but flowered into a full-blown panic in 2016, when commentators identified it as the force behind the unlikely presidential bid of celebrity billionaire Donald Trump. Then came Brexit. Populists were charged with misleading people about globalization, with […]

Trump Tyrant

Against Tyranny: Buying Time for Democracy

by Joseph Gerson The central question in November’s election is the choice between preserving a semblance of constitutional democracy or the imposition of repressive, white supremacist authoritarianism. As Trump’s enablers urge violence and declaration of martial law if he loses the election, and as the […]

Grandin: End of the Myth

The End of the Myth: A Common Read

Looking for a good book to read this Summer? Concerned about the structural barriers to peace like empire, capitalism, white supremacy, and colonialism? Would you like to discuss these issues with friends, then meet the author? Sign up to join the Common Read! The End of […]