A Brief History of Tomorrow

by Stefan Schindler If today’s children and grandchildren are lucky, smart and diligent enough not to live in a dystopian future, their history books will highlight the Second World War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, America’s Indochina Holocaust, and 9/11 as four events which could have, […]


Whither US-Russia Nuclear Arms Control

 Vladimir Kozin, PhD Member of two Russian Academies, Military, and Natural Sciences; author of 16 monographs on arms control Vladimir Kozin is a Chief Adviser and a Head of the Group of Advisers to the Director, Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, Russian Presidential Administration, a Corresponding […]

Nato soldiers in the woods

Why It’s Time for a Real Reset With Russia

In April, the long awaited report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller on alleged Russian interference in the US presidential election was released. The report repeated earlier accusations that Russians had hacked into and released emails of the Democratic National Committee in 2016 and had used […]


Injustice in the Rearview

I’ve had trouble writing of late. It’s not about an absence of content (there’s been plenty, more than I could ever react to or encapsulate in words). It’s not about an absence of context, as all of this seems to fit rather nicely into the […]