Nuclear Disarmament

Twin Existential Threats Campaign

Climate Action and Nuclear Disarmament United Team: Rosalie Anders, Kathie Malley-Morrison, Louise Coleman, Kate Cloud, Kathleen Hamill, Ira Helfand, Timmon Wallis   The purpose of this campaign is to address and mitigate the twin existential threats of nuclear war and climate change. In addition to identifying […]


Peace in Ukraine Campaign

Peace in Ukraine Campaign An 8 month MAPA wide campaign (May through December 2023) to call for ceasefire and negotiations to end the Ukraine war. Goal: mobilize available MAPA resources for an all out effort to give visibility and organization to what may be a […]

Fund Healthcare Not Warfare
Fund Healthcare Not Warfare

Fund Health Care Not Warfare 2023 Work Plan

Fund Healthcare Not Warfare The FHCNW campaign has about 7 active monthly members who are working on efforts across the state and country for improving access to healthcare and  increasing public health funding. The FHCNW group meets monthly to discuss progress on legislative campaigns, plan […]

Peace and Climate

Peace & Climate Work Plan

Peace and Climate Working Group Militarism & war can be fatal to the profound international cooperation that is necessary to deal successfully with the climate emergency. Further, war preparation and fighting do huge and lasting climate and other environmental damage. Climate-related devastation is fostering the […]

Nuclear Disarmament

Nuclear Disarmament 2023 Work Plan

Nuclear Disarmament Working Group Summary:    The Nuclear Disarmament Working Group is one of the longest functioning groups in MAPA, with about ~150 members on the listserv, and 15-25 regularly attending meetings. Many members are active in other organizations so that our purview is national rather […]

Middle East Wars

Middle East Wars 2023 Work Plan

Middle East Working Group Focuses on developments in the countries of the Middle East (including Afghanistan; excluding Israel/Palestine) and combatting U.S. intervention in those countries (whether by invasion, sanctions, covert action, weapons sales, military aid, “democracy promotion”, etc). Policy Goal: Educate the public about key developments […]

Boston George Floyd Protest, Washington St. Photo: GorillaWarfare
Racial Justice and Indigenous Solidarity

Racial Justice / Indigenous Solidarity 2023 Work Plan

Racial Justice/ Indigenous Soliarity Working Group Decarceration, Support Building Thriving Communities White supremacy and settler colonialism are entrenched in the US. Our criminal-legal system embodies racism, including high rates of incarceration for Black, Brown, and Indigenous people. We follow the lead of activists rooted in […]