People's Budget Rally

Sign Making for Tax Day

Gather to make signs for our Tax Day Rally on May 17.   Poster board and paint will be provided.   The MAHT office is in the basement; ring the doorbell to be buzzed in, and come downstairs.   Wear mask and observe social distancing.  Messages will include: […]

Aerial View of the Pentagon in Virginia

Prelude to Tax Day

by Pat Hynes Previously published in Common Dreams On Tax Day, there’s more than one elephant in the room, and they’re all in mansions. Elephants occupy the bulging mansions of 657 American billionaires, 43 of them new this past pandemic year. Their combined wealth soared […]

Demilitarize the Budget

Demilitarize the Budget! Budget Advocacy Training

Each year, about two-thirds of the United States’ budget is spent on militarized responses to problems—including the Pentagon, abusive immigration enforcement, and policing. This money could have had a transformative impact on things that would actually make our communities healthy, safe, and strong—like education, universal […]