Peace Voter

MAGA Tide Rebuffed, but Gridlock Ahead

by Cole Harrison, Glen Cote, and Bonnie Gorman Progressive policy dodged a bullet on November 8 as the predicted “red wave” did not materialize.  The collaboration between women, labor, people of color, liberal democrats and progressives out-organized and out-mobilized opposition in some significant ways. Nonetheless, […]

Raytheon Antiwar Campaign

Saudi Arabia and the Energy Crisis

by Paul Shannon In October a wave of rage went through the White House and members of Congress when Saudi Arabia joined other major oil producers to cut production, thereby driving the already high cost of oil even higher. Based on his earlier friendly visit […]

Nuclear Disarmament

Save The Baby. Save all of us.

By Louise Coleman When I was eleven, my little sister, Leslie, almost died. We had just moved into a creaky old house without any central heating. In Western New York, the frigid January air would seep through every crack and settle down into our bones. […]