Pentagon spending, police militarization, and Congress

Stephen Semler is founder of the Security Policy Reform Institute (SPRI),  a grassroots-funded, US foreign policy think tank.  SPRI provides an infrastructure for the development of progressive US foreign policy and national security ideas that break with the ideology of the existing think tank community. […]

Protesters challenge Raytheon support of JFK Library Space Celebration

Why Raytheon?

“Our work is still to insure peace, paradoxically through developing the world’s most powerful weapons systems…and these works are wonderful works indeed.” —General Electric chairman, Fred Borch, 1964  “Together, we’re advancing defense strategy, protecting people and infrastructure through proven solutions that make that world a […]

Jonathan King

Invest in Minds Not Missiles

The clearest expression of the nation’s values and priorities are embodied in the federal budget. The growth of higher education and university-based scientific research in the U.S. after WWII has been critically dependent on federal investments, voted annually as part of the Congressional discretionary budget. […]