Justice for Faisal protest, Somerville High School, Jan. 29, 2023 (Cole Harrison/MAPA photo)
Racial Justice and Indigenous Solidarity

On the Killing of Arif Sayad Faisal

by Hayat Imam As a Bangladeshi American, I am still reeling from this tragedy in our community. The officer involved shooting death of a young man of 20 will have irreparable consequences. His parents, who took the chance to emigrate to the USA just a […]

More than 1,000 people gathered in front of Cambridge City Hall for a Black Lives Matter protest, organized by Defend Black Lives Cambridge, June 20, 2020. Erin Clark/Boston Globe Photo
Racial Justice and Indigenous Solidarity

The Cambridge Police Department Should Demilitarize

An updated version of this post can be found here: https://masspeaceaction.org/demilitarize-cambridge-police-department/ by Andrew King Testimony Presented at the Police Militarization Hearing, Cambridge City Council, January 6, 2021.   View the video My name is Andrew King and I live at 40 Essex St. Cambridge, MA. I’m […]