Sanctions: Modern-day Siege Warfare

In a recent article, Peter Beinart writes: For decades, the United States has supplemented its missile strikes and Special Operations raids with a less visible instrument of coercion and death. America blockades weaker adversaries, choking off their trade with the outside world. It’s the modern […]

Defend Palestine

Protest for Palestine

Come out and show your support for the Palestinian people in Sheikh Jarrah being illegally forced out of their homes! Sheikh Jarrah is a village located in East Jerusalem. Currently, Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrah are being forcibly and violently evicted from their homes. We […]

Except for Palestine with Mitchell Plitnick

Being progessive, except for the issue of Palestinian rights, is a phenomenon within the progressive community. Among liberals, Democrats, progressives, and others, it is not uncommon for many to take progressive positions on climate change, health care, taxation, criminal justice reform, and more, while being […]