No War with Iran rally, Boston, Jan 4 2020

“Impeach the Assassin!” – Anti-war Rally in Boston

Protests swept the US last week in response to the illegal assassination of Iran’s top military general Qassem Suleimani by the warmongering Trump administration. In Massachusetts, some 500 demonstrators marched in Boston on Saturday Jan. 4th and 300 gathered in Harvard Square, Cambridge on Thursday Jan. 9th to demand that the US stop threats and attacks on Iran, end sanctions, pull its troops out of Iraq and engage in diplomacy rather than aggression to resolve differences in the Middle East. These were two out of 11 actions that took place in communities across the Commonwealth. At least 375 protests involving more than 20,000 people erupted throughout the country, according to […]

Troops out of Iraq - Peace with Iran

No War On Iran! US Troops Out of Iraq!

Local demonstrations around the United States will demand: No More US Troops to Iraq or the Middle East! US Out of Iraq Now! No War/ No Sanctions on Iran! President Trump’s assassination of Qassem Soleimani, a senior Iranian military leader, is just the latest unilateral […]

Remembering Fallujah

Remembering Fallujah: Repairing Memory, Rebuilding Communities, and Restoring Justice Integrated Learning Center, room S240 The Iraqi city of Fallujah has become an epicenter of geopolitical conflict, where foreign powers and non-state actors have repeatedly waged war in residential neighborhoods with staggering humanitarian consequences. Join us […]

Kathy Kelly with Afghan children; photographer unknown; courtesy

A Conversation with Kathy Kelly

Pax Christi RI invites the community to have a conversation with Kathy Kelly, internationally renowned peace activist and founder of Voices for Creative Nonviolence. The conversation will be focused on Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan: What’s Happening and What Can We Do? Kathy Kelly is touring […]

UMass History Conversation

Threats to Democracy and Dangers of War

An Interactive Conversation with Medea Benjamin (Code Pink), Dr. Amer F. Ahmed, Mojgan Sanepour Haji, and Christian Appy  The United States is at war in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, and U.S. leaders have threatened war in North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela. Fears of deportation, white supremacist violence, police violence, climate […]