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Was Trump Hoping for a Coup?

by Joseph Gerson Originally published by Common Dreams There is so much that we don’t know about Wednesday’s assault on our national capital and our limited constitutional democracy. The new Congress should not only investigate why the Capital police and Homeland Security were missing in […]

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Authoritarianism or Democracy?

Federal troops are sent to Portland, Oregon, without the consent of the the mayor or the governor. Refusing to identify themselves, the troops pull peaceful protesters off the streets and into unmarked vehicles and spirit them away. They fire rubber bullets and tear gas cannisters […]

Will Trade Racists for Refugees
Racial Justice and Indigenous Solidarity

#BlackLivesMatter and the Third Reconstruction

Presentation by Ty dePass at a webinar “Authoritarianism and Democracy“, June 29, 2020.  Watch video of the presentation and discussion On an early morning in July 1980, 14-year-old Levi Hart was shot and killed by Boston police officer Richard Borque, Jr., following a police chase […]