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Middle East Wars

Learning the Lessons of Afghanistan

Massachusetts Peace Action is not a newcomer to the issues raised by the Afghanistan war. We helped organize our first of many protests against the Afghanstan war on September 12, 2001, before it started. U.S. military intervention in Afghanistan, though “covert”, began in 1978.  The progressive, secular […]

Afghan women, 1950s
Middle East Wars

Ignoring the Original Sin in Afghanistan

by Jeff Klein Originally published in Dorchester People for Peace Update, August 13, 2021 As the corrupt US-installed government and its pretend army collapses even faster than predicted, the roots of the current crisis, which go back much further than the US invasion of 2001, […]

Middle East Wars

The Truth about Torture

by Annika Lof A Case against Torture and Discussion of Alfred McCoy’s “In the Shadows of the American Century Torture has always been a difficult issue to confront directly and honestly. Hiding its brutality behind the rhetorical mask of “enhanced interrogation” that causes “no long-term […]